• Le Fort La Latte sur la côte d\'Emeraude
  • Le Camping l\'Emeraude en bord de mer
  • Camping l\'Emeraude en Bretagne à Saint-Briac
  • Au coeur du Fort La Latte sur la côte d\'Emeraude
  • Vue sur la côte d\'Emeraude depuis le Fort La Latte
  • Le Fort La Latte en bord de mer est proche du camping l\'Emeraude
  • L\'intérieur du Fort La Latte
  • Vue de la côte d\'Emeraude et du Fort La Latte
  • Camping Emeraude en Ille-et-Vilaine

Old feudal Castle, pink sandstone watchtower, magical and mythical place, witness of a rich past: towers, walls and drawbridges will transport you into another time.


Transformed into a coastal defence fort between 1690 and 1715, Fort La Latte remains in the first place a castle.


The defensive system of the 14th century is still in place. Curtain walls, towers, drawbridges, oblivions and a dungeon survived through the centuries. Canon of the 18th century on dual carriage, Bricole (gear of war from the 14th century), crossbow in turn.


A medieval garden decorates it.


Absolutely a must-see.