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  • Balade en bord de mer à Cancale
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This pretty port needs to be seen and to be tasted. Elected remarkable site of taste, Cancale is since a long time famous for its oysters and shells. Undeniable asset, these iodine products are savoured while admiring the wonder that is the Mont Saint-Michel, set in the middle of the Bay.


The sea does not always come to you: sometimes you have to walk a bit to fully appreciate it. And then, a wonder happens! The sentier des Douaniers overlooking the harbour of la Houle offers many magnificent panoramas.

The tip of les Crolles offers a privileged view on the Mont Saint Michel and the Bay. In the shimmer of the tides, the mount appears like a fabulous mirage. From the tip of the Hock, the look plunges on the rocher de Cancale and the parks.

In good shape? 7 km lead to the pointe of Grouin alternating coves and secret anchorages. The cutting of the coast makes that you can always find a protected beach for a tonic swim.